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Aged Care Costs

When a person moves into an aged care home they contribute to the cost of their care.

 Everyone pays a daily care fee.  Some people may also pay a means-tested care fee. 

Some people may be required to contribute to the cost of their accommodation.  If they need to only pay for part of their accommodation, the Australian Government will pay the rest. Others may need to fully pay the cost of their accommodation.

Each home sets its own pricing, depending on factors such as the location of the facility and the size of the rooms.

Payments for accommodation made as lump sums are refundable to the person or their estate when they leave the aged care home.

Not everyone living in an aged care home will pay all of these costs.

These costs are calculated according to the person’s income and assets at the time of entering the aged care home. The costs to the person do not depend on the level of their care needs, only on their income and assets.

Which of these costs and how much a person will pay are determined by Services Australia for people who are receiving a Centrelink payment or by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for people receiving a DVA payment.

People who are not receiving a government payment (self-funded) may choose to have an income and assets assessment to calculate their costs in an aged care home.

Some aged care homes have an extra service status, either for the whole complex or part of it. These homes can charge an extra service fee. This fee is payable whether the resident uses all the services or not. This fee would be on top of the government regulated costs.

Other homes may have additional services that the resident may choose to pay for and receive or not.

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