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Independent Living Centre

Catalyst Foundation expands services to include the Independent Living Centre

A free information service for South Australians that provides practical advice and product information to support people with disability, injury, illness or ageing to live independently will be delivered by  Catalyst Foundation from 1 July 2021.  

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has collaborated with Catalyst Foundation to give fresh life to the long-running Independent Living Centre (ILC), which has provided public education on daily living equipment, technology and techniques since 1978.

In addition to running the 1300 885 886 information phone line, Catalyst will launch a new online information hub, making it easier for people to access the latest information and advice.  

With more than 26 years’ experience, our staff help South Australians navigate their way through ageing, retirement, lifestyle, disability, financial, and health matters, by connecting people to a myriad of services or delivering programs to enable South Australians to live their lives to the fullest. In 2019/2020 we supported more than 14,500 South Australians to access information, services and support.

In recent years we have undergone strategic changes to address the unique and dynamic aspects of South Australia’s ageing and disability communities and have grown and evolved our services to support changes through My Aged Care, NDIS and other Commonwealth and State Government services. We continue to provide extensive information services to people on the ageing journey, living with disability or seeking to live independently at home and our goal is to help people to remain in control of their own lives and maintain their confidence, dignity and self-esteem.

This goal has led us to offer several new services working across many communities focusing on social enablement and the value that older people and people living with disability bring to our community.

We have recently expanded our Ageing SA program, providing individual, independent advice and support on aged care accommodation and services, fees and charges and are also working to introduce a broader range of services for older South Australians with a disability.

We are very proud to incorporate the Independent Living Centre within Catalyst Foundation to the community.

The Independent Living Centre will build on the foundation work of Seniors Information Service and Catalyst Foundation as the trusted and independent source of information in the community. We are confident this work will support our services and information on health, aged care, disability, legal and financial issues, home support, digital literary and social support for all South Australians.

A high quality of life with choice and control for the South Australian community is our end goal.

If you would like to talk about our changes and the Independent Living Centre please contact us by calling us on (08) 8168 8776 or by emailing us at

Kindest Regards

Jenny Hughes
Chief Executive

(08) 8168 8776
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