Beyond the Standard: Understanding the Standards

Good care is not about ‘ticking boxes’: Compliance is only possible with understanding the life of the older person. Standard #1 is detailed and more complex than it looks. Participants explore the seven sub-elements, including identity, diversity, risk, safety and choice from the perspective of the older person.

The unique investigative approach will enable the workforce to know the person, while responding in an individual way beyond the requirements of the standard.

Learning Outcomes:

To understand New Aged Care Quality Standards 1-8 in relation to a person’s life

To explore Standard #1 in depth to expand their ideas and approach in supporting the needs of the Older Person

To identify strategies of how to work with the standards

Session hosted by Catalyst Foundation and presented at 149 Currie Street, Adelaide.

Presented by Dana Lavenant, Workforce & Industry Development Officer, ACSA

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