Imagining Possibilities With Dana Lavenant

The purpose of this workshop is to offer some practical tools and strategies for you to turn your staff meetings into training opportunities. Ongoing professional development is necessary for quality outcomes in organisations. This session will give you the skills to use this tool in small chunks to be effective in short time periods. Ideal for time-poor conditions. This workshop will spark ideas to focus on the strengths of people involved, strategies to address problems and plans to create outcomes that support the organisation, workforce and older person.

Learning Outcomes:

Access to resources to support ongoing skill development, including practical training plans and the Imagining Possibilities Handbook.

Skill enhancement to be able to focus on appreciative questions, provocative propositions while using a range of tools and strategies.

Enhanced capacity to imagine what could be possible for teams working together with vulnerable people.

Session hosted by Catalyst Foundation and will take place at 149 Currie Street, Adelaide.

Admission: $5 at the door.

Presented by Dana Lavenant, Workforce & Industry Development Officer, ACSA

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