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Supported Residential Facilities

Supported Residential Facilities (SRFs) provide accommodation and care services to people with disabilities, mental illness and older people in a group setting.

The Supported Residential Facilities (SRF) sector offers low level supported accommodation – not at the level provided by Commonwealth-funded aged care facilities. SRFs are regulated by the Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992 (South Australia) and are privately operated.

Services vary between SRFs and may include personal care, medication monitoring, meals, laundry and cleaning.

For more information download our Supported residential facilities fact sheet and the resources below.

Vacancies and Lists:

Catalyst Foundation maintains complete listings of SRFs in South Australia as well as monthly vacancy registers.
List of SRFs (pensioners and NDIS clients)*
SRF permanent vacancies
SRF respite vacancies

* Supported Residential Facilities and Serviced Apartments

The information above refers to SRFs catering for pensioners with low means and no property and NDIS clients. The term SRFs (pensioners and NDIS clients) is used here to distinguish them from serviced apartments that operate under both the Supported Residential Facilities Act and the Retirement Villages Act. Serviced apartments are usually not suitable for a person whose only income is a Government pension. To search for serviced apartments see our online housing directory.

Other useful resources:

Supported Residential Facilities Association’s website

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