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Accessing Aged & Home Support Services

With demand for Aged Care and Home Support Services from LGBTIQA+ people increasing, so too is the need for ageing and care services to be able to meet these needs in a culturally sensitive manner.

There are organisations and services that are taking a pro-active step towards better understanding and inclusion for older LGBTIQA+ people’s needs.  Some are doing this by way of ensuring their staff receive awareness and sensitivity training, hiring of LGBTIQA+ workers, changing and developing policies that are inclusive of LGBTIQA+ people.

If you require information about services that support older LGBTIQA+ people, as well as what questions you should ask of an Aged Care provider, please contact Shaez, our LGBTIQA+ Project Officer on 8168 8776 or at for a confidential chat.

(08) 8168 8776
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