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We provide independent information, support and advice to older South Australians, to those who are living with a disability, and to families and carers.

Our service supports South Australians to:

  • make informed decisions about lifestyle choices and independence
  • maximise opportunities to actively participate in the community and to learn new skills
  • promote an active lifestyle
  • keep up to date with changes in technology

Housing information

  • We maintain up-to-date, comprehensive information on housing options for seniors, including:
  • An easily searchable online Housing Directory listing retirement villages (independent living units and serviced apartments) and rental units for seniors on low income
  • A Rental & Community Housing Directory available on the website and in print
  • A list of retirement housing with aged care on site or adjacent
  • A list of residential parks in South Australia
  • Information sheets that can act as a guide when making decisions on housing options
  • A home safety and accessibility checklist
  • Monthly retirement village and downsizing seminars.

Our staff can also help you work your way through these options and other specialised programs, such as National Rental Affordability Scheme.

Home support and respite

If you wish to remain living in your own home but need some help we can provide information on and support with:

  • Referral to My Aged Care
  • The role of Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
  • Government-funded services, such as the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or Home Care Packages (HCP)
  • In-home and centre-based day or overnight respite services
  • Personal alarm systems, aids and equipment
  • Private ‘fee for service’ options

Residential aged care

If you are seeking a permanent placement in an aged care facility, we can help you search the My Aged Care system for information on aged care facilities. We also provide information on and support with:

  • Eligibility and approval (My Aged Care, ACAT)
  • The steps to take to find a facility
  • Understanding the costs involved
  • Aged care vacancies (permanent and respite)

We can also connect you to Ageing SA, our aged care placement and support service.


The resources we provide include:

  • Facts sheets, brochures, lists and booklets which can be accessed online or in hardcopy
  • Information seminars on ‘accessing help at home’ retirement housing, downsizing, aged care fees and charges, digital literacy, financial planning and estate planning
  • Presentations to community groups, organisations and service providers
  • Internet lounge and individual IT tuition for seniors with the support and advice of friendly volunteers to help you get online

Connecting to the world

There is an increasing need to be connected to the Internet to access services and to communicate with government departments and agencies.

Being connected also opens a wider range of options in terms of shopping, finding out about entitlements, being informed and making the most of social entertainment opportunities. We can assist by:

  • Providing information on IT options available
  • Helping you to build skills and confidence to access the internet
  • Providing information on protecting your privacy

Financial assistance to help care recipients meet aged care costs

The following assistance is available to aged care recipients who are having difficulty paying their fees:

  • Care recipients who have experienced a reduction in income and/or assets should contact Services Australia on 1800 227 475 to request an ad hoc review of their aged care fees noting that a change in circumstances does not necessarily result in a change in fees.
  • Care recipients who have paid a partial lump sum deposit can have any remaining daily payments drawn from their lump sum balance to meet their accommodation costs and can request that other fees also be drawn down.
  • Care recipients can receive assistance in understanding their aged care costs and options by contacting Services Australia’s free Financial Information Service (FIS). To make an appointment, phone 132 300 and say “Financial Information Service” when prompted.
  • Care recipients may be able to access the Pension Loans Scheme (PLS). The PLS is a voluntary reverse mortgage through Services Australia that offers older Australians a fortnightly income stream to supplement their retirement income. Care recipients can contact FIS for assistance.
  • Care recipients who are not able to pay their fees may be eligible for financial hardship assistance. Further information is available on the My Aged Care  website.
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