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Project: Dementia & Driving: Supporting Driving Retirement

In 2016/17, Catalyst Foundation collaborated with SGIC and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to launch the Dementia and Driving Decision Aid Booklet in the Northern metropolitan area of Adelaide.

Catalyst worked in partnership with the Northern Health Network and the University of Wollongong to deliver four GP Professional Workshops in the Northern Regional Area.

These workshops provided GP’s, Practice Nurses and other health professionals with the knowledge and understanding of driving and dementia and an appropriate approach to support consumers and carers in their decision on driving retirement. The educational module in conjunction with the Dementia and Driving decision Aid booklet (English, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese versions) has been designed for early stage dementia to assist family and carers in partnership with their GP to plan early for driving retirement, help the  patients make their own informed decision and provide them what options for their future travels.

The project has been very successful and resulted in GP’s and workshop attendees confidence in initiating conversations about dementia and driving with an individual living with dementia indicating an improved confidence in initiating a conversation with their patient.

You can access a copy of the Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet below in English, and other languages including Italian, Greek and Vietnamese.

Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – English
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Italian
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Greek
Dementia & Driving Decision Aid Booklet – Vietnamese

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