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Volunteers are an integral part of Catalyst Foundation.

Catalyst Foundation is a charitable organisation that depends on volunteers to ensure a quality experience for our clients and the smooth running of our daily operations. Volunteers are a valuable resource to our staff and the people we assist.

Catalyst Foundation ensures that volunteers have meaningful and fulfilling experiences, have adequate supervision and are treated in a respectful manner.

Want to join us?

Volunteering at Catalyst Foundation is flexible, fun and social. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like, you can choose to do things you enjoy most and you can enjoy our social events through the year where you can meet other volunteers as well as staff members.

Catalyst Foundation offers a broad range of short term, long-term and one time volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Digital Literacy Training (you can help individuals one-on-one with their technology questions or you can present group sessions)
  • Administration (including reception and filing)
  • Database input
  • Social Media
  • Event planning and delivering (including preparation of events and attendance
  • Supporting Special Projects working alongside our staff members

For more information and to register your interest, please contact us.

A big Thank You to all our Volunteers

Our volunteers have helped out in so many great ways; assisting in our office, assisting the Marketing and Events team, providing digital literacy training, liaising with the public on our behalf and many other tasks. We are very grateful for all our amazing volunteers for their time, effort, dedication and commitment!

(08) 8168 8776
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