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Community Information Sessions

Catalyst Foundation offers a variety of community information sessions designed to inform, enlighten and empower. Our sessions cover an array of subjects such financial tips, downsizing, retirement housing and estate planning. We also offer sessions about the do’s and don’ts of scam safety, online shopping and banking, how to buy and sell on eBay and more. Our presenters are patient, seasoned professionals with years of experience in the areas of aged care, law, digital literacy, and more.

Some of our sessions take place at our 1/47 Tynte Street, North Adelaide location. Others are conveniently held on Zoom so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

You can register for our sessions here: Or give us a call on (08) 8168 8776 for more information and to register. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

Here’s a little more information about what we offer:

In-Person Seminars

Accessing Help at Home

It is important to have freedom of choice and support to live independently at home as you get older. In this seminar we discuss the different support services available to help you with your daily tasks, or specific needs.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understanding what services are available under the Commonwealth Home Support Program
  • Understanding what the eligibility criteria is for each level of service and the process to access the services
  • Learning about other Commonwealth Government funded services that may be appropriate for you

Understanding Aged Care Costs

In this seminar, we discuss fees and charges which apply to consumers who enter residential aged care on or after 1 July 2014. Several common examples are shared and we have plenty of time for Q&A.

Key learning outcomes:

  • How the costs of living in an aged care home are determined
  • What information is needed to assess costs in aged care
  • Who does the financial assessment
  • What options are available to pay the costs
  • What are the implications for Centrelink payments

View a brief video about this:

Retirement Housing: To Move or Not to Move

Moving into a retirement village is a big step and involves a large financial commitment so it’s essential that you fully evaluate your options, understand the contract, the costs and benefits involved and the possible impact on your lifestyle.

Key learning outcomes of this session:

  • What to consider – To move or not to move?
  • What options are available in South Australia
  • Possible fees and charges and how they apply
  • Legislation and contracts – what they cover and don’t cover
  • Searching for a retirement village
  • What to look for – a housing design checklist

Financial Planning for Retirement

Retiring from the workforce is a significant step. Can you afford to do it? Do you have the right strategies in place? Understanding the financial impacts of retiring is important to know and plan for in advance. Making the most out of what you have and ensuring that you obtain any government support available to you can, help create a comfortable retirement.

Key learning outcomes of this session:

  • What level of income or savings is needed in retirement?
  • Strategies to improve your retirement income
  • How to choose a financial planner?
  • How the financial planning process works? What can you expect?
  • Centrelink – an overview of entitlements and eligibility requirements
  • Tips for working with Centrelink

Estate Planning

It’s important to ensure your Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive are up-to-date and accurately reflect your wishes. This seminar will cut through the legal jargon and help you walk through all the important aspects of Estate Planning.

Key learning outcomes:

  • The essential documents that make up your estate plan – Will, Advance Care Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney – and why you need them in place
  • What happens if you die without a will?
  • What happens when someone dies – what is probate and when is it needed?

View a brief video about our Estate Planning offering:

Be Scam Safe: Do’s & Don’ts

Scams targeting Seniors are on the rise …and the methods used for scamming are becoming more creative!  In this practical seminar or webinar you will learn information and strategies to help you recognise scams and steer clear of them.  The session includes:

  • What is a scam?
  • Trends and types of scams
  • Contact methods used by scammers
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of being scam safe
  • How to stay secure on your mobile phone
  • How to report a scam

Watch our video about Scam Safety:

Cloud 101 

You’ve probably heard the expression “The Cloud” — but what does it really mean? Where is it, exactly? How can you use it to simplify (and declutter!) your life? We’ll explain this through an enlightening webinar.

Guide to Social Media

  • Heard all about Facebook but not sure how to access it or get your own account? 
  • Want to know all about “tweeting”? 
  • Are you a pro or novice photographer and you’d like to share your photos with the world on Instagram? 

Then you cannot miss this webinar about all things social media!

Let’s Go Online to Buy or Sell!

Remember the Classified Ads in the Newspaper? We certainly do and WOW things have changed! 

In this presentation we will explore some of the benefits of using 3 of the most popular on-line buying and selling platforms. We will:

  • Discuss the use of eBay, Gumtree (owned by eBay) and Facebook Marketplace. 
  • Provide some tips on how to stay safe and secure (physically and digitally) when using these platforms
  • Discuss how to try and get the best deal.

Residential Aged Care: Fees and Charges, the Age Pension, and What You Need to Understand

If you or a loved one are considering aged care, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and probably have a lot of questions about the process. That’s why we’re offering an informative seminar about entering aged care. In this seminar, we will outline the complexities of aged care fees and payments, explain the three different levels of aged care, discuss how means testing works and much more.

We know it can be challenging to navigate the aged care system.  We’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible, and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones during this complicated time.

For more information about our seminar, watch this brief video:

Tips for Online Banking and Shopping

In this informative and interesting webinar you’ll learn all about how online shopping and banking can help simplify your life! Whether you’re managing your finances or purchasing groceries, electronics, or gifts, you’ll find out how convenient it can be to bank and shop online. You’ll also learn some invaluable online safety tips!

For more information about this and for a “refresher”, watch this video:

The Top Three Things to Know About the nbn

1. What are the first steps to connecting and what are the benefits?

2. If already connected, have you checked your plan/provider is still suiting your needs?

3. Are you getting the most out of your experience, looking to add smart devices to your home?

Join us for a session either in person at the Catalyst Foundation Offices – or join us online from the comfort of your own home!

Smartphone Hacks and Tricks

You can make phone calls, send texts, and check your email with your smartphone. You can even take and send pictures. But what else can you do with it? We’ll explore that topic during this webinar!

Streaming Services Guide

We’ll  explain how to stream your favourite movies, TV shows, reruns, and more on your computer, tablet, or smartphone… in many cases, for FREE! 

Who Will Manage Your Digital Affairs When You No Longer Can?

What happens to your “digital footprint” after you are incapacitated or pass away? We’ll explore that very interesting — and not often discussed — topic in our webinar.

Online Learning Through LinkedIn for Libraries

This webinar will explore all the Video training courses that Libraries SA have to offer. Try your hand at photography and animation creation or fine-tune your business skills with their  bite-size tutorials, or comprehensive courses, on hundreds of topics in an easy user interface. A great library resource!

The Wonderful World of the Digital Library

Learn how to access Libby titles, which includes new releases, the classics, nonfiction & bestsellers for all ages. Borrow anytime & enjoy automatic returns with no late fees.

In this webinar, we will also cover PressReader, with 7,000 publications from all over the world. Explore titles such as Better Homes & Gardens, Gardening Australia, The Guardian, Vogue Australia, Women’s Weekly, Inside Sport & much more.

Online Genealogy

Learn family history with Libraries SA using Ancestry (for Libraries)

In this webinar, we’ll explain how to access an extensive range of genealogical resources from the United States and United Kingdom, including census, vital, church, court, and immigration records.


If you are, or know of a community group, needing information about specific topics of relevance to seniors or people with a disability, please call us on (08) 8168 8776 or email us at for more information.

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