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Downsizing can simplify your life in many ways. It’s a way to save money and get back to basics if your home has become too large to manage.

If you are considering moving to a more manageable or affordable place, you’re undoubtedly going through a huge transition. This can mean financial issues, and it can also have a personal and emotional impact. You may need a little help navigating your way through the process. Catalyst Foundation can help you with the practical and logistical aspects of the change, explore your housing options with you, and help you plan for a successful new chapter.

We can help make your decision to downsize a little easier by directing you to resources including our own publications, information sessions, and a range of information resources from reputable sources.

Financial implications of downsizing

If you own your current home and are planning to sell it and buy a new one, it is useful to be aware of the process and the questions to ask yourself and/or the real estate agent. The South Australia Government publishes useful information on selling and buying a house at

If you are currently receiving an Australian Government pension or intend to apply for one, be aware that downsizing which results in increased additional assets (i.e. assets other than the home that is your primary place of residence) may affect your entitlement to Government benefits.

The financial literacy website MoneySmart, published by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, features a session on downsizing in retirement, which lists some issues to consider. For further information see the website of Services Australia (including Centrelink) or contact Centrelink’s Financial Information Service, tel. 132 300.The Australian Government allows eligible people aged 65 years to make downsizer contribution into your superannuation from the proceeds of selling their home. Further information can be found on the website of the Australian Taxation Office.

Practical issues – decluttering, disposing of belongings

After years living in a large home with many belongings, it may be difficult to decide what to keep and what to dispose of. Some people may decide to hire a professional organiser to make the decluttering process a bit less daunting. 

It’s useful to have a plan and execute it step by step. There are many websites and other resources with hints on how to declutter, such as 

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